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 Topper Students
 General Norms

Students must abide by all the rules & regulations of the College :

  1. Regular attendance is compulsory. Students who are absent for more than 3 consecutive days must submit an application with supporting documents to the concerned authority. Parents/Guardians are requested to contact the office of the principal regarding the attendance and progress of their wards.

  2. Students shall maintain discipline inside the College campus. Misconduct or misbehaviour of any kind towards the teaching and non-teaching staff and fellow students will be dealt with strictly.

  3. Communal harmony must be preserved and fostered by word and deed. Ragging, eve teasing etc. in any form is prohibited..

  4. The use of cell phones/intoxicants/chewing of tobacco/use of drugs, smoking etc. are strictly prohibited. Students are barred from carrying dangerous weapons, objectionable literature/CD's/electronic gadgets etc. to the college.

  5. Students must respect institutional property. Disciplinary action will be taken against students found damaging/defacing vandalising college property or premises. All students should maintain cleanliness inside the classrooms and within the campus.

  6. No student will be allowed in the college premises without a valid identity card. Class XI & XII students are to bring their college diary daily to to class.

  7. A decent dress code is to be maintained by all students.

  8. Students cannot take part in any outdoor activities under the name of the college, without prior permission of the Principal. No poster/banner/pamphlet etc. can be pasted/distributed without the permission of the Principal.

  9. Students must read the College Notice Board Regularly.

  10. Students are expected to take advantage of every chance to learn and show pride in their college and present a good image of themselves and the institution.
  1. The institution is free from ragging but in accordance with the government regulations, the college has an ANTI RAGGING CELL comprising senior students and teachers. Ragging in any form is prohibited in this institution and any one found guilty of ragging or abetting ragging in any form is liable to be punished. Disrespect shown to anyone will be dealt with strictly.

  2. Under the directive of the department of Higher and Technical Education, Government of Meghalaya, use of cell phones/intoxicants/chewing of tobacco/use of drugs, smoking etc. are strictly prohibited.

  3. Students wishing to take a Transfer Certificate during the year will have to clear all the college dues upto the end of the current academic year.

  4. All the terms and conditions set forth in this prospectus including fees and dues etc. are liable to be revised whenever necessary.

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