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 General Norms

With regard to scholarship students belonging to Scheduled Tribe and Scheduled Caste of different states of North East India may apply for various Post Matric Scholarships(PMS) provided by the respective states. The college cannot be held responsible for any kind of slackness on the part of the student/applicant in this respect. However for disbursement of scholarships students/applicants are directed to follow the following procedure.
1.       Post Matric Scholarship (PMS) of any state will be disbursed only on receipt of the same from the respective State by the college.
2.       Students/applicants must strictly adhere to the date and time mentioned by the college for disbursement of scholarships.
3.       Scholarship will only be issued to the person concerned after due verification and no authority letter will be accepted.
4.       Apart from Post Matric Scholarship, students of Meghalaya can also obtain the benefit of Border Area Scholarship and
          Free Studentship on fulfilment of criteria laid down by the Government.
5.       Students should submit their bill book and College I.D. Card one day before the disbursement of cheques. Students who fail to collect
          their scholarship within the specified period shall have no claim at all as the undisbursed amount (if any) will be refunded to the
          respective State authorities.
6.       Scholarships will be disbursed on fulfilment of all the terms & conditions as per goverment rules and regulations.
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