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On a review of the results in Degree (Pass/Honours) as well as in MBOSE examinations from the beginning it would appear that the foundation of the College is strong enough to set goals for itself ‘in its come towards prosperity’. In a short span of 20 years the students of the college has many times come to the merit list as shown below.
2001 Kitbok Sten Khasi Ist
Siraj Laloo Political Science IInd
Ram Kr. Debbarma Education, Politocal Science 3rd position in top 10
Lita Kharsohnoh Khasi IInd
Mautush Mukherjee Logic Ist
Darihun Lyngdoh Khasi IInd
Sharmistha Purkayastha Logic Ist
2002 Shebastain Marbaniang Khasi Ist
Aveek Lyngdoh Political Science Ist
Rajiv Kr. Roy Political Science Ist
Bijoy Deb Political Science Ist
C. Henao Konyak Political Science Ist
2003 Arif Ali Ibrahim Political Science Ist
Padam Subedi Logic
Second Language Nepali
10th position in top 10
Nilakhi Das Logic Ist
Amrita Roy Logic IInd
2004 Culham Grant Economics Ist
Lyngwa Logic 4th Position in top 10
Patriot Debbarma Education
9th Position in top 10
2005 Jitendra Kumar Singh C.A. Ist
Nirjhar Dey MIL- Bengali Ist
Brislinda Shylla B.K. IInd
Carolyne K. Hek Economics Ist
Emmabilis Political Science Ist
Lalramdingliani Sawthly Mizo Ist
Rupa Sharma Nepali IInd
Salomi Gurung Logic IInd
2006  Jyoti Rai C.A.
BK (Highest)
MIL-Hindi (Highest)
(1st Position in top 10)
Anup Kumar Deb C.A. IInd
Basistha Hajong C.A. IInd
Archana Chettri B.K. IInd
2007 Parwati Shah Hindi (MIL) IIIrd
Mamta Mandal Hindi (Elective) IInd
2008 Parmanan Yadav Letter in English Ist
Prasuram Prasad Highest Mark in Hindi (MIL) Ist
Phrangshua S. Lyngdoh Letter in Alt Eng. Ist
Birmaya Mawroh Letter in Alt Eng. Ist
Lijula Sangtam Letter in Alt Eng. Ist
Wanjop U. Laloo Letter in Logic Ist
2009 Evan Milton Dympep Letter in Education
Letter in Philosophy
S. Ebenzer Shylla Letter in Education IInd
Yongkongnukla Ozukum Letter in Education
Letter in Alt. English
Pynshaitbormame Iacais Letter in Khasi (MIL) Ist
Tomydaido Suchiang Letter in Khasi (MIL) Ist
Toteinam Lyngdoh Marshillong Highest in Khasi (MIL) IInd
Bimala Chettri Letter in Hindi (MIL) IInd
Parikchit Chutia Letter in Assamese (MIL) IInd
2010 Diborbiang Nongrum Letter in Khasi (MIL) Ist
Jerry E. Pyngrope Letter in English Ist
Firoz Hynniewta Letter in Khasi (MIL) IInd
Zd. Laltanpuia Highest in Mizo (MIL) IInd
Asha Kumari Sharma Letter in Hindi (MIL)
Letter in Accountancy
Letter in Business Studies
Pinky Ray Letter in Hindi (MIL) IInd
Mamta Kumari Yadav Letter in Philosophy Ist
Samir Choudhury Highest in Bengali (SL) Ist
Paromita Ganguli Letter in Philosophy IInd
Bishnu Bhandari Highest in Hindi (SL) Ist
Sonam Biswa Highest in Nepali (SL) IInd
2011 Parul Amin Laskar Highest in Economics
Highest in Bengali
Highest in Accountancy
First Position in Top Ten
2012 Dinsibou Moita Letter in English, Alte Ist
Rajarshi Chakravorty Ist
Sumit Kumar Hajong Ist
Reqyeency L. Mawphlang Letter in English 1st
Shembhalang Nongbet Letter in Khasi Ist
Anita Rawat Highest in Anthropology Ist
Marcellus Manbhalang Pala Ist
Pradip Paul
Surajit Paul Letter in Business Studies
Letter in Accountancy
Santosh Pandey Highest in Hindi (MIL) IInd
Lalberkhawpuimawia Highest in Mizo (MIL) IInd
Bishal Dey (N.B.R.B.) Letter in Bengali (SL) Ist
John Diru (Kakuli) Letter in Philosophy Ist
Larisa Khyriem Ist
Purnam Kumari Singh Highest in Hindi Ist
Sindhu Kumari Ist
Suparna Paul Letter in English IInd
2013 Rupam Paul Highest in Bengali [Elective] Ist
Darryl Renaldi Shabong Highest in Anthropology 1st
Shabita Shylla Highest in Anthropology IInd
Rikkibirth K Sangma Highest in Garo(MIL) IInd
2014 Jumara Khanam Barbhuiya Highest in Hindi [MIL] IInd
Momitha Gabil Momin Highest in Anthropology 1st
Joydeep Das Highest in Anthropology IInd
Sunita Rai Highest in Hindi [Elective] IInd
2015 Jamuna Biswa Highest in Hindi [MIL] Ist
Nabanita Das Highest in Bengali [Elective] IInd
Rani Kumar Roy Highest in Hindi [Elective] IInd
Rapbanshemphang Lamin Highest in Anthropology Ist
Taichiana Ch. Marak Highest in Geography IInd
2016 Ba Khrawbor Diengdoh Highest in Anthropology [Science Stream] IInd
Jitendra Kumar Rai Highest in Hindi (MIL) [Arts Stream] IInd
Jitendra Kumar Rai Highest in Hindi (EL) [Arts Stream] IInd
2004 Marbhador M. Khymdeit Khasi Honours Ist
Krishna B. K. Chettri Pass Course Ist
2005 Rajiv Kumar Roy Honourse Course (M&E-88) Secured Highest mark in
Political Science in Meghalaya
2006 Shahnaz Parveen Pass Course M&E Secured Highest mark in
Political Science in NEHU
Meralinda Wanniang Honours-Khasi 1st class 8th position
Ningboi M&E 86
Gauri Joshi M&E 89
2008 Careful Merry Jyrwa Eco. Honours Letter in Paper VIII
Laishram Shyam  
Kumar Singha Pass Course Secured Ist in the Merit List of  NEHU
2009 Anup Kumar Deb Letter in CA&IT SP
Vicky Deb Letter in CA&IT IInd
Geyir Ete Letter in M&E IInd
2010 Amreen Nongrum Edu. Honours Ist class Ist in University
2013 Rempi Dey Philosophy Honours Ist
2014 Johnyly Rees Lyngkhoi Khasi Honours 1st, 3rd Rank
Ibanrilang Thangkhiew B.A. Pass Course 1st, 4th Rank
V Thangrouding B. A. Pass Course 1st, 5th Rank
2015 Dao Lubou Highest in Sociology Ist
Lianbawi Neisal Highest in Sociology Ist
2016 M Lalminlen Haokip B.A. III Year (Socio. Hons.) Ist, 10th Rank
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